In My World I Find Critters and Things Beautiful!













Hi Y’all!





I’m sharin’ more of the beauty of summer in the south.  Didn’t get an alligator pic for y’all but below are some of the regular visitors…

The heat has settled in and it’s difficult for Humans and critters to stay cool and hydrated. 




I spy...







Alert and on guard




Do y’all see the wee gosling among the families in the photo below?



See the wee one?







green heron








Mallard pair...daily visitors







Mallard pair in action







Summer in the south





evening at the shore



I’m joining (This Moment) See Beautiful blog hop hosted by Sugar the Golden Retriever.     I’m Saturday I’m joining Sepia Saturday hosted by Ruckus the Eskie. and Earl’s World. I’m also joining Camera Critters on Saturday…



Y'all hurry on back.




Y’all hurry on back!


7 thoughts on “In My World I Find Critters and Things Beautiful!

  1. Hello, Hawk Dog I hope you are staying cool. Love the cute goslings and the Green heron is a favorite of mine. Great post. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


  2. We sure are glad to hear you are still following along with us! What a beautiful set of photos of your part of the world…we SO missed seeing all the southern sights this year…Happy Seeing Beautiful!


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