Time’s Flyin’! It’s June Already!






Hi Y’all!




Hi Y'all!



On the “donkey” post  Jan K


asked “Is that a Phoebe on the roof?”







Sittin' on a rooftop...



It would appear to be a Phoebe, but if I’m wrong would someone please correct me.



This next fellow nests here every year but with the heavy foliage it’s difficult to ever get a clear shot.  



Green Heron






Geese and gooslings





Gooslings venture off further from parents




Hurry, we're bein' watched!




These goslings were the most recently hatched.  The ones we showed in a much earlier post have already started to show some adult coloration. 



Hurry on along there!





Today I’m joining Sepia Saturday hosted by Ruckus the Eskie. and Earl’s World.

I’m also joining Camera Critters on Saturday…




Checkin' to see if the pears are fallen' off yet.




Y’all hurry on back!


4 thoughts on “Time’s Flyin’! It’s June Already!

  1. We love to see the babies! I do think that is a Phoebe, we have some around, and they have a nest behind the basketball hoop on our garage. They are fun to watch, they seem like such happy little birds. 🙂


  2. Hello to you and Hawk Dog! I love the Green Heron and the cute goslings. Great images of all the birds. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!


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