The Visitors







Hi Y’all!






Hi Y'all!  It's critter saturday so I'm takin' Squiggles for a fun run!





I'm watchin' you watchin' me.





There’s no tellin’ who is goin’ to turn up on our doorstep…or when…




Yes, even the cardinals sit on the doorstep.





lookin' in the screen porch






Their home...finally!



Sorry for my nose smears on the glass…I love to mark ‘em up as fast as they get cleaned.




Wait for me.





And just for the fun of it let me show you one of my Humans “OPPS”…







Of course I guess the fact that she didn’t wash the windows before the “photo op” classifies all of these as  “oops”.




Finch pair



Today I’m joining Camera Critters on Saturday… and Sepia Saturday hosted by Ruckus the Eskie  and Earl’s World.




finch pair





Y'all come on back!





Y’all come on back!






8 thoughts on “The Visitors

  1. is that a caterpillar toy or a dragon? … and I love your window-art, glad you took a photo… just in case it once becomes famous like that cave paintings in france :o) Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


  2. Hello, cute shots of Hawk the Dog. The ducks looking in the windows is a great sighting. They must be looking for hand outs. Great post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!


  3. I have 10-15 ducks come on my driveway on the side of the house, looking for hand-outs. I have never had them come up to the door. That’s cool. Hawk doesn’t go crazy when they come up?


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