Critter Friends…






Hi Y’all!





Hi Y'all!




What may seem strange to you city dogs and your folks is pretty normal where I live. 




Mate wanted!  I'm searchin'




That mossy lookin’ fella was strollin’ across the lawn in search of the other inlet and, hopefully, a mate.



Moss covered shell tells story...



‘Course these guys would bite a fella’s nose off if he sniffed too closely.  Usually you see them sunning themselves on logs or branches just above the water or laying on a bare section of shore. 





Great Egret yellow orange beak, black legs.




The great egrets have lost their mating plumage. 

They can be observed singly or in colonies, high in trees or searching for fish in shallow waters and wetlands.





Often seen perching singly or in groups high in the trees or wading in shallow waters and wetlands when searching for fish to eat.






Checkin' for intruders






Ah, someone has been on my beach!






Today I’m joining Sepia Saturday hosted by Ruckus the Eskie. and Earl’s World.  and Camera Critters on Saturday…




Y'all come on back






Y’all hurry on back!


8 thoughts on “Critter Friends…

  1. Hello, wonderful critter post. I love the turtles and the egret. Great shots of your dog.

    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!


  2. Those are some cool friends you have, Hawk! It does always seem odd to see such tall birds sitting in the tops of trees. It amazed me when we saw the nests of Great Blue Herons way up in the tops of trees when we were out kayaking one time.


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