Lookin’ Back at My April World 2016







Hi Y’all!




Let me think...



Way back in mid April, a couple of days after our return from the high country, some of our local parents introduced us to their new family.



Showing off their new family





Quack Quack



This might be cotton country, but the cotton on this water is from the cotton wood trees. 






Cotton on the water





Cotton woods



More about this bluebird on Saturday…







Frequent summer storms turn the water into what appears to be a snowy landscape.




A storm on the water





Severe thunderstorm brewing...







Another storm brewing.






iris at the edge of the inlet






rose garden





Rose after the storm






Daylily after the storm






People enjoying the fishin'.




Come visit image-in-ing for links to Wordless Tuesday and BlogPaws for Wordless Wednesday links.




Okay, I gotta go now...



Y’all hurry on back!


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