The Greening…





Hi Y’all!




Hi Y'all!  Last week we left the mountains...Here I am the day before we departed...



Last week we left the mountains behind…





Daylilies were makin' headway...



Apple blossoms and the greens of daylilies were decorating the greening mountains.



Look how the mountains are greening!



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Perfect weather for this Chessie.



We’ve got more great shore critters to entertain you on Saturday!



Y’all hurry on back!


7 thoughts on “The Greening…

  1. Your grass is getting long there, Hawk! 🙂 We had started the greening here, and then today it snowed! We wish we had a low country to retreat to! Actually, tomorrow it’s supposed to start warming back up again, so the snow should be gone (it’s just the principle of the matter, you know?). 🙂


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