Strange Critters, Stranger Story





Hi Y’all!







Two weeks ago my Humans started packin’ stuff they needed for a trip.  I lay there and watched.  Then I heard my Human Mama say “This tote is for any last minute things we forgot to pack.” 


(and you Human’s think we don’t understand what you are sayin’…)



spring flowers peak through autumn's leaves






Strange spring something???

I was truly in love with my birthday present, Squiggles.  I wanted to take her and show her the rest of my world. 



You can see how far behind the high country is compared to the low country


Carefully I picked her up and carried her to the tote. 




Takin' Squiggles to put her in the tote.




It was a floppy material and I couldn’t get her in it.  Instead I shoved her as close against the tote as I could before going back to my bed.  I lay there and watched. 




Green slowly creeps up the mountains





Sure ‘nough, my Human picked her up and put her in the tote. 




Violets decorate the lawns, trails and mountain slopes





The ever present cardinal




Almost cloudless skies allow the warm sun to bake the mountains

When we got to the mountains, I got Squiggles and introduced her to Octopus…



Who are you?  What you doin' here?






Oh, I'm soooo pleased to meet you, Octo.




I adore you Octo, but you do need a bath, don't you think?





Y'all hurry on back now!




Y’all come on back!





I’m joining Sepia Saturday hosted by Ruckus the Eskie. and Earl’s World. and Camera Critters on Saturday…


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