First Flowers of Summer, Last Flowers of Spring









Hi Y'all!






Morning on the shore






Spring into summer flower





Daylillies stand guard at the dock







Is it a flower or is it a weed?  It's minding the shore.






Even the bushes have flowers





And the ever present daylillies





Fading in the evening sun...






Y'all hurry on back!





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12 thoughts on “First Flowers of Summer, Last Flowers of Spring

  1. It looks like you are enjoying some perfect weather there, Hawk! We just finally got our first spring flower yesterday, and we’re looking forward to many more soon.


  2. Early spring blooms are giving way to the flowers of summer here as well. Tulips and daffodils are nearly all gone and roses are starting to put on a show. Happy Wordless Wednesday.


  3. it’s great to see the some summer on your blog… so we can dream about the beautiful things what come in some weeks to our area (at least we hope so lol). All flowers are great and we are happy about every new plant… eggs-cept ice flowers :o)


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