Goodbye March…






Hi Y’all!





Hi Y'all!




It’s well up in April now and the azaleas, dogwood, camelias and wisteria have faded along with the early blooming roses.    The daylilies are blooming now and other roses.




Dogwood blossoms





Buds and blooms






My Human loves it when the wisteria blooms.  Entire stands of woods are covered in beautiful lavender blossoms.  


Close up of wisteria


Some of the critters are seen in strange poses. 


Iris and cypress knees surround the sunning turtle





Egret on pier scratching himself









swimming under low branches




It’s time to join Camera Critters on Saturday… and

I’m joining Sepia Saturday hosted by Ruckus the Eskie and Earl’s World.



Are you still watching me?



Y’all come on back.


12 thoughts on “Goodbye March…

    1. Hi Y’all!

      They tell me we’re in a polar vortex here too! Lot’s of farmers will lose their crops and fruit crops are in grave danger.

      Mother Nature has some nasty tricks up her sleeve!

      Y’all come on back,
      Hawk aka BrownDog


  1. Hello, wonderful critter post. It always to start off your post with your sweet dog. I lvoe the egret, turtle and the beautiful blooms Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!


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