Lookin’ Back July to December




Hi Y’all!





Hi Y'all!


Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend.  Weather across the eastern USA seems to have turned quite cold complete with biting winds. 


Now, I’ll continue my look back at 2015…



Along the shore



July was still beautiful even if it was too hot to be outside very much.



Mallard pair




August found us back in the mountains.




Back in the mountains in August





Deer in the meadow



September brought dark green color to the foliage and deep shadows in the forest. 




September brought long shadows





Autumn flowers






Deep in the shadows






Cattle in October




October brought beautiful color to my world.  The trees started shedding their leaves and the light in the forest changed…



October brings the changing leaves




Horses watch




November was split between the high country and the low country…



November mountain sunset





Deep color at the shore





December shadows deepen in the low country.




Geese in December





December in the low country



Finally it was time to return to the mountains for Christmas…



December at the farm in the mtns



Y’all come on back!










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