The Octopus!





Hi Y’all!





Winter offers interesting shapes



Like everyone else in the southeast and south, the Christmas/New Year holiday brought with it lots and lots of rain. 




The Octopus from Kong



We still had a great time and took advantage of every break in the weather.




Christmas 2015 Octopus



If you want to try to get your folks to get you one…











Play bow to the Octopus





It squeaks, it crinkles! What fun!



Had to take my Octopus for a tour of my back yard.




Takin' the Octopus for a tour of the yard.



Y’all come on back now!







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11 thoughts on “The Octopus!

  1. That looks like a great toy to occupy your time while stuck inside, Hawk! We’re glad you got to take it for a tour outdoors too though! Our weather finally improved (we’re actually seeing sunshine!), and we hope yours did too.


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