Please and Thank You!




Hi Y’all!





Hi Y'all!



On Friday I left y’all with the question “do your humans say please and thank you” when asking you to do something around the house?





Dang Stick!


Around the house my Humans always say please and thank you.  If my Human wants me to move, she says “move please”or “please move”…When I get treats the command is “sit please”.  When I do as requested, I always get a “thank you”…It means “good boy”, you know. 




Y'all come on back now!


There are a lot of changes comin’ up for my blog…so be sure to check Thursday’s Barks and Bytes.

Y’all hurry on back!


8 thoughts on “Please and Thank You!

  1. I usually say “thank you” to my dogs as part of praising them, too. “Please” not so much because I want to make sure commands sound different and are easy to distinguish from each other.


  2. It is good practice to be polite with everyone, isn’t it? I just found myself saying thank you to Luke when he did something I asked him to! My mother taught me to be polite so I probably say it to the dogs more than I even realize…it’s just habit.

    Can’t wait to see what’s coming with the blog!


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