Public Mischief




Hi Y’all!



Hi Y'all!



What’s a week without mischief?  What’s life without mischief? 



What y'all doing?



Last week our mischief played out in public!  



Findin' a way through...



My Human always makes sure my drafts are saved.  I write off-line.  Then she makes sure I periodically save them by uploading them too. 



Here I am!






When my Human went to link my post to the blog hop, she discovered the problem.


  Bear Season is open




Friday, my Humans had appointments…one called and cancelled so they had to reschedule which is messin’ up my Human’s plans for after Thanksgivin’.  But on the positive side, I got my Thursday  post rewritten for Friday!



Morning Sun



Referrin’ back to my Friday post…please note, none of the above mischief was mine. 


November in the mountains


Y’all come on back!   










Click here to join Monday Mischief….

















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































So the mystery is…why did


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