There’s More to a Dog…




Hi Y’all!




Waitin' out of the way.



If y’all didn’t check out yesterday’s post…Let me just say it just wasn’t a good day…


Headin' down the mountain


I never got my real post published.  Sigh…





I owe Easy an apology…All he saw of the post was 2 photos and the comment, “they don’t shoot dogs on Sunday.”  When my Human went to link me up, she found out the rest of the post was AWOL



Clingin' on for dear life.



Hope the rest of y’all saw my explanation as well.


Comin' to check on the "slow pokes"

Let’s go on now and talk about a comment I received awhile back…and even 2 Brown Dawgs       remarked  “The rescue names all Chessies Jersey and thinks all Chessies are stubborn? I hope they make a good placement and she finds a good home.” 


I'm a smilin'


If y’all have followed me at all, or 2 Brown Dawgs or Sand Spring Chesapeakes y’all should know if we are properly socialized and trained with positive reinforcement, we will make you the most co-operative partner you’ll ever have in your life.



Chargin' through the woods


We definitely do have great memories.  Yep, like an elephant.  When we understand what you want us to do, we will go everything in our power to fulfill your expectations.  Take for example this post from 2 Brown Dawgs.  Thunder is a great hunting companion.


Chargin' through the woods 


You need to understand that we are workin’ dogs.  We don’t have to hunt, but we have to have jobs that satisfy that urge to retrieve. 




Runnin' in the woods



If you’re adoptin’ one of us, no matter how well trained we are, you need to enroll with a qualified AKC trainer and attend class with us.  It helps us learn to work together, to communicate with each other.  The trainer will spot things you’re doing that might confuse us.  They are also excellent on showing you how to teach us new things. 



Runnin' in the woods


Y’all hurry on back! 





Today I’m joining Slim Doggy, Emma from MyGBGV Life and To Dog With Love in Fit Dog Friday blog hop!




I’m also joining the Pet Parade Blog Hop hosted by Rascal and Rocco and co-hosted by Basil the Bionic Cat, Barking from the Bayou, and Love is being Owned by a Husky!


11 thoughts on “There’s More to a Dog…

  1. no worries, I could read your complete post today :o) I hope you can find the reason of that problem and with some loud barks you can chase away that gremlin what tries to mix up your posts. I would like to have a chessie-brother or a sister…. but my mom said she is not strong enough for two funny pups :o(


  2. That is great advice, Hawk. People need to understand a breed before adopting one, and also need to be willing to do the work that might be needed to help them be a great dog like you are!
    We’re behind on reading, so didn’t see what happened yesterday…so sorry you’ve had more computer glitches though, that is so not fun!


  3. Excellent advice Hawk. It is so important for people to research the breed before getting a dog. Working dogs need lots of mental and physical exercise and training. If you have time and energy, they can be the best partners! I have been having blog glitches too- so frustrating!!!!!!


  4. Dogs really are wonderful companions, but you’re definitely right about understanding the breed and knowing whether its needs fit into your lifestyle before you make your final decision. I’ve seen too many cases where inactive families adopt active dogs and then the poor pup gets in trouble for acting out when its needs aren’t met. Great advice.


  5. I love your dogs and JoAnn’s dogs, not to mention that y’all make the cutest puppies EVER! I think both of your dogs are extremely well-trained and they never cease to amaze me. I think that is why I get a laugh out of Gambler’s antics. He is usually so obedient! These are great tips to anyone looking for a CBR.


  6. Excellent post. I thought it was odd that the rescue so generalized about Chessies as to give them all the exact same name and then go on to label them with the same old stereotype. Just struck me wrong that maybe they did not actually understand the breed. As JoAnn said and as any responsible breeder will tell you, they are not a breed for everyone. 🙂


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