No Mischief in My World





Hi Y’all,



Hi Y'all!


A moment of silence for the people of France…



Escape now to my world…It was another week of bein’ the perfect fella. 


Checkin' for trespassers


The closest thing to mischief for me was my “flyin’”…





I don’t mean to brag…but when you’re a retriever and used to workin’ closely with your human…bein’ a well behaved gentleman just comes naturally.  ‘Course if you want your retriever to be well behaved you have to go to school with him and work with him…it comes naturally but only when we understand what you want.  We can’t learn by osmosis.


Just checkin' on the Humans

You also need to remember that retrievers are workin’ dogs and require jobs and lots of exercise.  Even seniors like me.


Waiting for the Humans to catch up



We Chessies are often called “stubborn”.  Let me assure you, that could not be further from the truth.  Positive training, consistency, and plenty of exercise and mental stimulation keep us happy.  We have very good memories and once we understand what you want us to do, we do our best to fulfill your wishes. 



Y'all come on back!


Y’all come on back!





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11 thoughts on “No Mischief in My World

  1. Hawk, you are such a good dog, and we know your humans have worked hard with you (and still do) to help you to be that way. Keep up the good work, all of you!

    PS…We love that flyin’ shot!!


  2. I can only say Hawk that you have no idea what stubborn is! But I do understand about working dogs now that I live with a Cocker Spaniel, you guys need jobs! Love Dolly


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