Where Has Autumn Flown?






Hi Y’all!





Have you noticed the unique shapes of some of the trees around you?


Naked trees display strange shapes



Now that they are naked, they display a different kind of unique beauty.



Towering trees


This time of year we start getting teased with mild days followed by frosty nights. 


Helpin' hand or limb


I know it’s going to be cold the second I stick my nose out the door…the air smells of wood smoke.




A few remaining protected trees display their fading brilliance




About yesterday’s post




Up Close and Personal




Groovy Goldendoodles      remarked…“This is your favorite season isn’t it Hawk? It certainly is mine, enjoy before the cold sets in.”




Moss on a stump




It’s one of them…I love spring too! 



Favorite thing!  Car Ride!


Going on back to Mischief Monday, it seems the entire world of Blogville is havin’ a wet, rainy fall.  It doesn’t seem to matter whether your in West Blogville, Downtown Blogville, North Blogville or across the pond; y’all are suffering the same as we are here in Southeast Blogville with rain, slippery terrain and lack of sunshine. 



Stark naked


The southeast was in severe drought earlier in the year.  Then the hurricane brought floodin’; now it’s just rain…replenishin’ the rivers and streams…after all, pawed ones need lots of water for hydration.  And, let’s not forget, water in which to play!  


still bumper, dog in motion






What kind of bird is that in the tree?



Y’all come on back!









Today I’m joining Thursday’s Barks and Bytes Blog Hop hosted by 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like a Dog.

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I’m also linkin’ up with Ruckus the Eskie and Love is Being Owned by a Husky in Thoughtless Thursday. 

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9 thoughts on “Where Has Autumn Flown?

  1. We have a tree in our yard, it is still a young sapling, but it’s growing sort of like a cork screw. It’s pretty cool.

    Curious…where did your human get your orange jacket? I’d like to have some for Sampson and Delilah when we are out in the woods.

    Thanks for joining the blog hop!!


  2. I dislike the bare trees. I think it is because we have to wait so long before we see leaves again, especially at the cabin. It is usually June before they are green again up there. We might get snow showers tomorrow…I Hope Not! 🙂 Thanks so much for joining the hop!


  3. I like the naked trees, I can see really far, where I couldn’t see when the trees were full. We had a long dry spell here too, but now we’ve had rain all week. And just like you said, frosty nights and warmer days. I don’t think the weather knows what it’s doing!


  4. Fall is definitely my favorite season – it’s so nice to be able to breathe again after our hot & humid summer. It’s just too bad that it doesn’t last that long – I had to dig out my winter jacket this weekend for early morning walks in 35 F weather…I’m not a fan of the cold.
    You look very cute in your orange vest!


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