Autumn Fades as Rain Moves In




Hi Y’all!


Hi Y'all!

It’s been a week of mostly rain…not the kind of weather that encourages hiking.  It’s too muddy and slippery for my Humans.  After all, have to keep them safe and healthy if I want to eat.  And I do! 


Lookin' toward the higher mountains

I find this weather odd for autumn in the mountains.  Usually autumn brings dry weather. 









Last of the autumn color






The last gasp of fall






The last gasp of fading glory



As y’all can see, despite the rain, autumn has been beautiful here.





But now, these last winds and rains have stripped the trees naked.



Fading Glory



In the meantime, the rest of you are out there getting’ into fun mischief!  While all I do is dodge the weather.  What can I say, my Humans tell me, except for getting a bit barky, I’m a perfect boy.  No prankster am I. 



See the naked trees?



Y’all hurry on back!




It’s time for Mischief Monday!


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10 thoughts on “Autumn Fades as Rain Moves In

  1. your you are a perfect and super good brwon dawg! and I bet your humans are super glad to have such a good boy :o) it’s wet and slippery here too… specially with all that acorns and the rotten leaves on the street….


  2. We’ve got the same thing happening here in the Pacific Northwest. It went from sunny and dry to wet and muddy in the last couple of weeks. The leaves are nearly gone and we had our first wet snow a couple of days ago. The seasons, they are a changing.


  3. We are glad you’re such a good boy, Hawk! You had a beautiful fall there. It has been very dry here…parts of our state are considered in a drought (but not where we are). We are expecting some rain tomorrow though…which is still better than snow!


  4. It looks like you had a lovely fall! But we have been very dry and now the rain is coming so we know how you feel! Love Dolly


  5. Your photos are glorious! You’ve really captured the beauty of Fall. Its so sad when a strong rain comes in and blows all that beauty off the trees! Darn rain.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


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