Barking at Leaves




Hi Y’all!



Hi Y'all!




It’s been one of those weeks…wet, wet, wet…rain, rain, rain.



Gloomy day in the woods



Next week…beginning this weekend…more of the same. 



Are you coming?


Most of the leaves here in the mountains are falling as fast as the rain drops.  They soar past the windows like a flock of migrating birds. 



Naked trees



Now let’s look back…first, to that Chewy Box…


Let's see what I can do!


Dolly the Doxie

“Can I come and live at your house Hawk? Mom would never have left a box full of goodies open and available. Hope you got to enjoy some eventually! Love Dolly”


Dolly, you are always welcome here.   I’m a good “sharer”. 



I'll give her a hand!




“Geez, two jumbo Chewy boxes for you? We are three dogs and two cats and never get more than one jumbo box! Exciting.”



It’s the first time ever that I’ve gotten 2 boxes, Emma. My Human went on a spending spree.







“how can your human ignore two big boxes? specially when they are for you? I’m speechless…. and I’m glad your helped yourself :o) what was inside? treats? toys? or the big pumpkin?”



Sorry, Easy, no pumpkin…sigh…


Let me sniff some



About my search for the Great Pumpkin



Is that the Great Pumpkin I see?



Jan K

“You never know though, right? It’s best to check everywhere”


You’re right.  You never know where.


Searching for the Great Pumpkin

M. K. Clinton

“Oh no! Did you miss Trick or Treats by waiting in the woods for the Great Pumpkin?! BOL!”


It’s more fun in the woods!  I get treats too!  The trick was…NO pumpkin!


No pumpkin scent either...


Jan K

“Everyone is looking for the great pumpkin this year! You must let us know if you find it, Hawk!”


So far, no luck finding it.


Searchin' deeper on cover

Critters haunting my walk elicited this remark:



Moo to You!


Sand Spring Chesapeakes

“Hey what are they doing there??? Least they are black!! Have a great weekend.”


I think they’re just hauntin’ the woods.





Y’all come on back!






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9 thoughts on “Barking at Leaves

  1. Whoa Hawk! That is a LOT of leaves!!! Pretty colors though. Sorry you are getting so much rain and hope it gets better for you…weather-wise! You are a very good boy not to have raided those boxes!!


  2. Autumn has been beautiful here but we’ve had tons and tons more acorns than normal! Temps have been crazy – some nights in the 30s, some days in the 70s. I don’t think the weather knows which way it’s going! 😉


  3. We had one big rain and wind storm that took down most of our leaves, but for the most part it’s been pretty dry here this fall. We’ve been able to spend lots of time outside and still stay dry!


  4. Did your human make you wait to sample all the goodies, or did you get to try little bits of each?

    Our leaves are falling fast here too, trees I took pictures of in full bloom last week are now almost bare. Still the weather is mild, so I shan’t complain too much. 🙂

    Thank you for joining the blog hop!


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