Bark Backs




Hi Y’all!







Time to answer some questions for y’all.





Lookin’ back to “Shadows or Critters in the Woods”…





easyweimaraner  asked,   “I bet there are some critters… can you smell them?”

Yep, there have been some critters in these woods!  And they leave their scent for me.  I can pick up scent that is weeks old.




Jan K   hit the nail on the head…“Oh, was it just you, Hawk? With Halloween coming we were a bit scared!!”



And Jan is so right, this time it was just me!




About “Strange Things Happen on the Trail”…

Emmadog  queries…“Have you ever seen a bear in person? I wonder what that would be like”

Bears are generally elusive.  We do see them from time to time, but never up close and personal. 




Moving on to yesterday’s post

bichonpawz wants to know…”Are these friends of yours Hawk?? We have buddies like that here too!”

Yes, those guys are all friends. 




Dolly the Doxie,   referring to the title “Words Not Necessary”, asks,  “Because we know they’re cows right? Love Dolly”  Yes, you know they’re cows. 




Did anyone notice that the black one was a bull and the cream one a cow? And these small ones are his progeny.












Color here is way past peak.  The long drought followed by the rains and winds from one of the wettest October’s on record.  You can see, in the picture below, how the leaves have been stripped from many trees, while some remain green or have turned red.










Y’all come on back!







Today I’m joining Thursday’s Barks and Bytes Blog Hop hosted by 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like a Dog

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I’m also linkin’ up with Ruckus the Eskie and Love is Being Owned by a Husky in Thoughtless Thursday.

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10 thoughts on “Bark Backs

  1. We do prefer not to run into any creatures in the woods, so we were relieved it was just you, Hawk! 🙂
    We are past peak as well. We haven’t had a lot of rain but enough with a breeze as well and the trees are becoming bare. All that’s left are the brown ones, no more pretty colors. But we still have that fresh fall smell which is one of my favorite things.


  2. I want to say we are at peak here. It’s so beautiful, but as you mentioned, we’ll get a good rain/wind and then most of the trees will lose their leaves.

    It makes me sad when the leaves stay on the trees, but the colors fade and then they look dead and dried.

    Thanks for joining the blog hop!!


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