Thoughtful Barks




Hi Y’all! 






Let’s go back to Monday’s mischief





Rama’s Mama  remarked   “Ewwww, icky! Did you ever find out what they were having a meeting about?”


Sorry, sure didn’t…but my Human says Daddy Long Legs are lucky and you don’t kill ‘em. 







Then going back to black and white Sunday, Pause to Appreciate






easyweimaraner    wants to know…“oh what’s under that pile of leaves? a treasure? a hedgehog? do you know it?”


hmmm…lots of leaves hide lots of things…but rattlers and copperheads make stickin’ your nose in to investigate a very, very bad idea.







Moving right along to Friday and Oh What Beautiful Day








asked “are that thanksgiving turkeys in your forest? I’m glad the rain is gone and you can discover all the beauty of fall now :o)”

Yes Easy, those are Thanksgiving turkeys, but turkey hunts are rarely successful…which means my Human has to go hunting at the grocery. 


Jodi      asks “Are those wood ducks? We are waiting for things to change here…strange because we are usually vibrant this time of year!”  


Sorry, these fellows are turkey.  Wild, of course.  





Kimberly Morris Gauthier     asks  “Are the cows yours? Are those wild turkeys? We rarely see any animals on our walk; but they see us”


As for the cows being mine…I’m a dog, the Humans are mine, but not the cows.









Golden Woofs  asked  “Are those cows? WOW! your walks are just full of life and Golden LOVE it. Golden Thanks for sharing. Golden Woofs”




Finally, all the way back to Sunny Days  when the deluge that drowned the southeast finally let up…





Dolly the Doxie   said “Hawk sorry we haven’t visited in awhile! I hope you and your family are safe from the floods, were you staying at this place to be safe? If so thanks to your folks for looking out for you! Love Dolly”


Dolly, we leave the low country for the high country when the heat and humidity gets to be too much for me.  We usually stay here a good part of the summer and autumn.   




We’re expectin’ a frost and freeze this weekend.  Sad smile  That’s my Human’s face, BOL! 













Y’all come on back!






Today I’m joining Thursday’s Barks and Bytes Blog Hop hosted by 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like a Dog.


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I’m also linkin’ up with Ruckus the Eskie and Love is Being Owned by a Husky in Thoughtless Thursday.

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6 thoughts on “Thoughtful Barks

  1. We don’t like spiders and snakes…LOL. (ask your human if she gets the reference).

    But we do love turkeys and cows. 🙂 The foliage is looking beautiful there!!


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