Barkin’ Out Loud!




Hi Y’all!







It’s been a busy week for the Humans. 



Looking back to Monday’s Mischief…”The End of Mischief”



2015 Sept 16 Hawk in recovery



earllover  said…


“BOL! You spit out foodies?? Earl and Ethel are gaping!! But I’m sure you have a valid reason for not trusting the vet with anything. Earl had a phase of this when he had his anal glands done… *eyes pop*”



Ah, y’all, I had my first experience with the Animal Hospital years ago when my vet referred me for anal gland surgery.    Sigh…  Seems I’m not alone spittin’ those treats at the vet to show my distain…


Pooch Smooches  said…


“Oh, having computer troubles is no fun. And visits to the dentist are no fun either! Glad to hear Rita isn’t the only one who spits treats back at the vet!”




So I asked “Notice any other “mischief”?”


Jan K  seems to voice what Dolly summed up…


“Well, we are glad that rough week is over for you, that your human’s computer woes are solved, and that all went well with your teeth cleaning. We couldn’t figure out what the other mischief was though!”


Dolly the Doxie summed it up!


“It’s a trick, run! There is NO such thing as the end of mischief. Love Dolly”


Y’all are right…there was more mischief!  The dog who always rides in his crate or seat belt is in that car without either!  Humans!   Really! 


2015 Sept 16 waiting in room with Human for dental surgery



About yesterday’s autumn sights post…




easyweimaraner  remarked…

“oh fall is there…. can you send it to me too please? I can’t wait to hunt all that leaves… butt that cowards are still on the trees :o(“


Easy, when does your fall arrive there?  It’s still summer in the low country too.  That’s why the Humans are still up here in the high country. 





Groovy Goldendoodles  asked…

“Isn’t fall the most breathtaking season ever?”


It’s a wonderful time…but spring and it’s miracles are equally special in my heart.





Emmadog  remarked

“Still lookin pretty green there!”


We’re in serious drought here in the high country and the low country is sufferin’ too. The color we have is mostly drought color. Many trees just have curled brown leaves.





Elaine wants to know…

“Beautiful photos! Whatcha chasing there in that last one, Hawk?”


Nothin’ in particular. Just racin’ ahead of the Humans to explore the trail.






Y’all hurry on back!






Today I’m joining Thursday’s Barks and Bytes Blog Hop hosted by 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like a Dog.

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I’m also linkin’ up with Ruckus the Eskie and Love is Being Owned by a Husky in Thoughtless Thursday.

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8 thoughts on “Barkin’ Out Loud!

  1. I have to go to that dental-torture too… but the luck is with me, the vet is on howl-i-day, I hope my staff furgets to call him again :o) All the leaves are still on the trees, probably fall traveled with La Poste and that needs a while :o)


  2. We almost wondered if you usually rode in a crate. But since our humans are pretty guilty of that same mischief….letting dogs ride loose, we didn’t think too much of it!


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