The End of Mischief…




Hi Y’all! 





What a difference a week makes! 




Last week was insane!!!  My Humans had a week of traveling appointments.  Plus we had a full week of only being able to access our blog was via Windows Live Writer (WLW).  So, I did my posts, but couldn’t get into my blog on line to add link ups or comments or make visits. 






Finally, my Human found another real Human’s email address and they were able to give her a link to fix the problem!  HIP!  HIP!  HORRAY!  for having an email address available for a real live HUMAN!!!  (It wasn’t easy to find though) 



2015 Sept 16 Hawk in recovery



Now, on Friday, I told y’all about my dental appointment.  I asked if y’all thought the entire thing was a dirty trick on the part of my Humans…here’s what y’all told me…




“Mom always tells us before we go. She starts talking about it days in advance, so there are no surprises, and since we usually all go together, it isn’t quite so scary. Hope your chompers are good as new now!”




Well, my Human did say something about an appointment, but they talk about havin’ appointments all the time, so I wasn’t payin’ much attention…



Kim-Life at Golden PInes


“It is a dirty trick, and because I work in a dental office, I can say that I’m glad you fell for it! :-D!”





On my teeth feel much better.




SlimDoggy (@MySlimDoggy)


“Oh no, you got tricked Hawk! Hope everything went okay.”





Everything went great, except I was so groggy I didn’t get to enjoy the ride home!





“Hope all went well, buddy. Earl and Ethel always receive kindly gravy bones from the vets, so they LOVE being there! :D”




Hmmm…guess I’m wrong to spit the treats back at the vet?



Jan K


“No fair! But it’s good to have nice clean teeth!”




Glad you agree my Humans were unfair!



Sand Spring Chesapeakes


“Oh buddy sometimes it has to be done. You want to keep all your teeth right? Have to keep them clean then. Glad all went well and you left with the same amount you went in with.” 




Hmmm…good point…I do want to keep my teeth so I can eat!





Notice any other “mischief”?



2015 Sept 16 waiting in room with Human for dental surgery




Y’all hurry on back!






Today I’m joining Alfie’s Blog, Snoopy’s Dog Blog and My Brown Newfies.for some good fun and mischief…

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10 thoughts on “The End of Mischief…

  1. BOL! You spit out foodies?? Earl and Ethel are gaping!! But I’m sure you have a valid reason for not trusting the vet with anything. Earl had a phase of this when he had his anal glands done… *eyes pop*


  2. Well, we are glad that rough week is over for you, that your human’s computer woes are solved, and that all went well with your teeth cleaning. We couldn’t figure out what the other mischief was though!

    Liked by 1 person

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