Barkin’ Back!




Hi Y’all!


Lookin’ back at last Friday’s post…Friday Already Again…



“Oh you had a scent-pawty! Pawsome! Was the smell of fall in the air too?”


It wasn’t, but the last couple days more leaves are turning and startin’ to drift down.  I detected the faintest smell of autumn when we walked in the woods today.




Movin’ along to “Look Whose Here”





“it’s great how shiny the fur looks in black&white :o) will your visitor stay for a while?”



“What is it? Sort of looks like a groundhog but not quite. A nutria, perhaps?”


M. K. Clinton

“What is that critter? We would definitely want to chase it.”


Jan K

“It makes me think of a woodchuck? He looks kind of mean though! He should probably be friendlier if he wants to stick around…LOL.”


Sand Spring Chesapeakes

“Hiya who are you? You look like a nutria”



Goundhog or woodchuck is used interchangeably for the furry 31 lb. (14 kg).  This fellow doesn’t have a flat tail like a beaver, or the hairless rat tail of a possum or nutria (swamp rat).  If you look closely at the color photo you’ll see the bushy, hairy tail behind him.  We see these critters all the time in the high country, but they don’t usually range into the low country of the southeast. 


They come out of the ground in the spring skinny little things.  They eat all summer and get huge and fat.  They waddle when they walk.  In the winter they disappear down their holes, lower their heart rate and live off their fat.



Movin’ on ahead…to Mischief Monday “He Owns the Road”.




“Oh! Who is he? You go and let him know that that road is as much your’s.”


“Hope Road Dog has a home!! Fingers & paws crossed!”

Tenacious Little Terrier

“Seems a dangerous spot for him to hang out! Was his human around?”

Pooch Smooches

“Hope thats a nice quiet road! Hope he doesn’t play chicken with any cars. He sure looks friendly!”


This fellow’s house is right out of sight on the right.  It is a dead end very, very rural road high in the mountains.

Usually we see him in his yard and he’s never chased our vehicle.  This was a hot day and the shade must have been a cool place the rest.


Finally yesterday’s post “Strange Thing”…




“What is it? Did you just now notice it?”


Terra Toby

“A tree growing in an old chimney?! That really is a strange looking thing. For a minute I thought it was some kind of hunting blind.”



“Oh?! How odd! Keep investigating the strangeness, detective Hawk! ;)”



“wow a tree with a stem made of stones… that’s interesting… there is something inside, right… I can see it… maybe a geocache or a treasure?”



“That’s pretty interesting! Nature sure has a way of reclaiming her space, doesn’t she?”


Golden Woofs

“WHAT??? So green and lovely. Have a PAWsome day. Golden Woofs”


Jan K

“Well, that is definitely odd! Did you figure out exactly what it was? It looks like Mother Nature found a unique planter!”


Susan C. Willett

“That is very, very cool. I love it when nature takes over.
–Wags (and purrs) from
Life with Dogs and Cats


Spencer the Goldendoodle

“That is really cool, what is it?”



Like the one above, there are lots of old chimneys minus their houses dotting the mountains.  That is the first one my Humans and I have seen with a  fair sized tree growing out of it! 















Y’all come on back now!



I’m joining Thursday’s Barks and Bytes Blog Hop hosted by 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like a Dog.

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12 thoughts on “Barkin’ Back!

  1. I am so far behind again. I have had a week, (you would not believe) but hope to catch up over the weekend. We were going to go to the cabin but it is going to be 90 there so who wants to go and sit in a hot cabin? lol Not us!

    I think it is funny that we both have a groundhog on our blogs today, but I live in a city neighborhood so I was pretty surprised to see it. I think it might be living under the neighbor’s deck (hope not!).

    Thanks so much for joining the hop!


    1. Hi Y’all!

      BOL! I thought that it was funny that we both had groundhogs too.

      It’s tough to keep up with everyday life and Blogville life too. We often find ourselves fallin’ behind in keepin’ up with our Blogville friends. However, it’s difficult keepin’ up with our family and neighbors, too. Life just keep on happenin’.

      Y’all hurry on back,
      Hawk aka BrownDog


  2. It sure is looking beautiful there in the mountains, Hawk! We look forward to the changing colors soon, but it’s still pretty hot here right now so we’re still mostly green like you.
    Around here, we hope not to spot a woodchuck since they really like our vegetable gardens!


  3. You’ve had a really busy week! I love this weekly post that lets me catch up on any I missed (like the handsome dog in the road). When you follow a lot of blogs it’s hard to get to each one.


  4. Thanks for joining the blog hop Hawk! The leaves are starting to fall around here as well, which is kind of surprising consider it is so early.

    That photo of the chimney with the tree is pretty cool! I wonder how old that chimney is?


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