Now for the Cleanup!



Hi Y’all!



Strange as it may seem the Humans are exhausted.  Most house guests are leaving today, Monday. 



My Humans are both exhausted. 


My Human Mama looks forward all year to these two weeks in August. 



But…yes, there is always a “but”…getting ready for houseguests and making sure that everything is “just so” when they arrive…then getting up early to prepare for the coming day before the guests arise…well, you get the picture.  Plus, business doesn’t take a holiday. 



My Human will be relieved when the last guest has departed, the laundry is done and the guest room and bath are prepared for the next time someone needs to stay. 



My Human says that her grandmother used to say that houseguests were like fish…after 3 days they begin to “smell”.   Not that the guests literally “smelled”,  just that three days was long enough and guests should have the common sense to “take their leave”. 



Personally, I love guests.  The ones that stay with us like dogs and I get lots of extra attention.  I don’t really want them to leave. 



I’ll be sharing more shots from the reunions in the coming days.  Plus, I’m hopin’ to have a reunion myself; a reunion with my Blogville buddies. 


Y’all hurry on back! 

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14 thoughts on “Now for the Cleanup!

  1. I love guests too! …but I have to admit that my momma agrees with your mom…100%. It’s great to have guests but it’s great too when all the work is done and you can relax a little in a quiet crib :o)


  2. You just chill out and watch the humans work. If you can pitch in, do so. But no one will suspect the dog helping out, so you’re quite safe for a relaxing Monday! 😉


  3. I’m sorry your houseguests have left, Hawk. I think of it more as enjoying living in the moment. I love having guests and enjoying that time with them, but I also love the feeling of being able to relax and not having to cook, clean and entertain when it’s time for them to leave. I’m glad you had a wonderful visit and reunion.


  4. Rita agrees with you grandma. She’s not overly found of houseguests and if they have the nerve to get up in the night to use the bathroom, she barks at them! Our frequent houseguests have learned to be VERY quiet in the night! 🙂


  5. Ooh can’t wait to find out what Blogville pals you are meeting! Company is hard work for your mom but glad you got lots of extra attention. Love Dolly


  6. I prefer my guests to stay for short times as well…a weekend is good for me! But the girls would be happy to have guests all the time if they were willing to throw their ball. 🙂
    It is exhausting to be out of your routines and to have to worry about other’s comforts for so long.


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