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Hi Y’all!



Do y’all remember my post on Fitness Friday


I was at the vet.  Not my local vet.  I have a local vet here in the mountains and another one at the shore.  This time I was going to the vet hospital.  It’s a couple hour drive. 


We left early.  At first I was excited.  I thought we were going for a hike.  Then we turned the wrong direction! 


I was restless and unhappy.  I was all wound up!  I kept barking at the Humans.  Neither was happy about my “yappin’”. 


The best part of going to the big hospital is that I get to see lots of other dogs…before you ask…NO CATS!  The cats have their own entrance and waiting room separate from the dogs. 


I arrived early and they took me early.  First I had to sit on the scale. 


Remember last year my local vet here in the high country was very unhappy that I weighed 100 pounds?  She said even though I was fit and trim it was too much for a Chessie. 


My Human switched me to the senior formula. 


This spring my vet at the shore weighed me in at 96 pounds.  Friday I weighed in at 94 pounds.   That is 2 pounds less than when I came to live with my Humans.  At 14 months of age I weighed 96 pounds. 


That’s the good news.


The bad news is the vet decided it would be advisable for me to have a visit September 16 with the dentist.  He said my teeth look like his lab’s teeth did.  He has his dog’s teeth cleaned every two years.  I haven’t had mine done since 2012. 


My Human can’t get the back molars well enough with the toothbrush.   See, it’s my Human’s fault I have to undergo this procedure. 



Y’all come on back!





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18 thoughts on “Healthy Mischief

  1. I’m sure the appointment goes well… it’s my mommas birthday and only good things will happen that day :o) I’m glad the vet said nothing about the d-word, so efurrything is fine at the food-front :o)


  2. You should try the Emmi-Pet toothbrush we have on our sidebar! It has been amazing. We all have good teeth, but Katie is 13 now and has never needed a cleaning. She had some plaque build up on some teeth, so Mom worked extra hard on getting those areas with this amazing toothbrush and guess what? After about 2 1/2 months, it started to flake off and her teeth are looking so awesome! We can’t wait to see what our vet says about our teeth when we go in this fall. It is so easy to use, no noise, no motion, tasty toothpaste and your human just has to hold it on your teeth. We just love it!


  3. Nicky just had his teeth done last Tuesday. I brought home C.E.T’s Dual-Ended brush. It has one end for the big folks and one end for the small folks. Have I used it yet-no. I need to get on that……….


  4. Congrats on the weight loss, you look great! But sorry about having to get the teeth cleaned so we are crossing paws that all goes well. Love Dolly


  5. Well if all you need is a dental, then I think the vet visit went well. I always think it is good for the vet to get in there periodically and look around in case anything else needs tending. Very good job on your weight loss. That is impressive.


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