From a Dog’s Point


Hi Y’all!


Yesterday I showed y’all some of the fireworks. 


If you look closely in the photos above and below,  you can see the end of the pier and the base of the trees beside it.  (Just to the left of the watermark)


For me it is the same as if I was at the fireworks display and helping to set them off. 



In addition to the ones you see, there are fireworks on each side of the house hidden from view by trees.  Unfortunately, not seeing doesn’t mean not hearing.


Here at the shore the fireworks started on Thursday night.  The big finale was Saturday, July 4th.  A few firecrackers, not fireworks displays, were still around Sunday night. 


I was a very unhappy fellow on Saturday night.  The main show was across the water where two families were competing and another big display was nearby.  These were being answered from homes on our side. 


We could see the displays across the water, but not much beside us.  By beside us, I mean just next door.  Next door on both sides of the house.  On the one side some actually came through the trees and over our roof.  My Human got frightened that they would set our house on fire. 


The sounds were so loud that I started to shake. At first I tried to hide in the shower.  When that didn’t work I went down the hall and hid in my crate. 



My Human knew this would be difficult for me and had Vets+Best Comfort Calm ready for me.  I took the recommended dose of chewable tablets one hour before and then another dose when the fireworks started.  


All weekend I walked around with my tail hanging.  It was not a fun weekend. 


Y’all come on back!


11 thoughts on “From a Dog’s Point

  1. I’m sorry the fireworks bothered you! The girls didn’t like them either. We are still recovering from it! Your human took excellent photographs of them, though!


  2. I’m so sorry that you had such a bad night… that fireworkd need silencers… and I’m glad nothing happened to your house, when it was so close… the firework looks a little like my mommas hairstyle in the morning LOL


  3. In Germany where we lived there are tons of homes and buildings with thatched roof which are highly flammable, so fireworks were strictly forbidden which was really nice. I’m not scared of them, but they make it hard to sleep.


  4. The fireworks only bothered the humans here. The drought is so severe and there were brush fires absolutely everywhere. Fortunately there was nothing too close to our house but it was a sleepless night for us worried humans.


  5. I’m so sorry, Hawk. Stupid humans. We are lucky that our neighbors that used to do it have finally stopped. We mostly hear ones further away and were able to drown them out with fans and the TV. The humans had to stay up later than they wanted to though. We had some occasional bangs the days before and after but not nearly as bad as what you described. I hope it’s all over now.


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