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Humans may enjoy celebrating the 4th of July and New Year with fireworks. 


However, for wild birds and animals and many pets it is a nightmare from which there is no escape.




While most families are seeing falling stars…


Men and women who have been in combat see tracers and hear various automatic weapons fire. 




In the photo below, if you look closely, the water is at the bottom and the launcher sitting on the opposite shore.




In the photo below you can see the launcher and the low faint lights are from wall to wall boats gathered to watch the display.


Come follow along tomorrow for more about my 4th!



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21 thoughts on “Nightmare!

  1. They did a piece on the news this evening about PSTD and soldiers who really suffer throughout the Fourth of July timeframe. We did enjoy your pictures!! Happy WW! Your blog is looking excellent!! 🙂


  2. I don’t mind fireworks at all, but Bailie was real scared this year. Mom likes to look at the big ones, but she hates all the stupid noisy stuff people do on their own. What is the point?


  3. My dad is a combat veteran and hates fireworks. Thanks for mentioning this. I don’t think many people realize how upsetting fireworks can be for some combat veterans. Fortunately, Ruby isn’t bothered by them, too much.


  4. Oh no! Not fireworks! So many doggies have issues with them. Us humans enjoy the displays they put on, but to our dogs, they don’t recognise the gorgeous lights and shapes lighting up the sky; they just hear loud, frightening booms and claps. 😦


  5. I don’t like fireworks as much as I did when I was young either. Have to give the dogs tranquilizers to get them through the night, and then people keep shooting them off for days.

    Glad I finally found your blog, looks interesting.


  6. With drought conditions around here, I feel like anyone who set off their own fireworks is selfish and short-sighted! Too big a fire hazard.

    Also, someone needs to create a July 4th quiet place retreat for fireworks-sensitive dogs and veterans!


  7. The Fourth can certainly be a nightmare for a lot of people – and a lot of dogs. We get fireworks here every night in the summer because of SeaWorld. Luckily, that means Rita is used to them, but I really wish they’d just leave it for the one day a year!


  8. As insensitive as it sounds, I have never thought about how scary fireworks must be for people with PTSD. I’m glad that it has been discussed this year because it certainly shed light on the problem for me.


  9. You are so right Hawk! It was so loud here that mom says next year we are leaving town. And fireworks are illegal, geez. Love Dolly


  10. Fireworks use to be something everyone looked forward to seeing as a ‘big show’, one time, on the big day. Now they seem to go on for weeks, loud as the big show, but right in your local neighborhoods. While they are beautiful to look at, and maybe even enjoyable for some as a celebration, those without voices do not seem to stand a chance unless someone speaks for them or cares for them. Often those with PTSD, like the vets you mentioned, will not speak about it as it is too difficult, and the animals and wildlife can only tremble and try to seek shelter (even if in a home – as Sadie use to ‘dig for a den’ anywhere she could this time of year). It always breaks my heart to see all of the ‘Missing Pet’ alerts this time of year due to the animals breaking through fences, screen porches, window screens, etc trying to get to a place they feel safe. I finally started using a calming treatment and Thundershirt for Sadie during firework s and really bad storms.


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