Lazy Hazy Days



Hi Y’all!



It’s too hot for exercise. 




But it’s never too hot for…







Y’all come on back!



Today I’m joining Slim Doggy, Emma from MyGBGV Life and To Dog With Love in Fit Dog Friday blog hop!

I’m also joining the Pet Parade Blog Hop hosted by Rascal and Rocco and co-hosted by Jan’s Funny Farm, Basil the Bionic Cat, Barking from the Bayou, and Love is being Owned by a Husky! 

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16 thoughts on “Lazy Hazy Days

  1. oh is that a treasure hunt in your garage? did you find a treasure there? it’s toooooo hot here too…so I have to skip my noon-patrol… I’m not amused, but the streets are as hot as a bbq grill :o)


    1. Hi Y’all!

      Oh Easy, I do find treasure in the garage. That’s where my toybox lives. But the real treasure is my golf cart! ‘Course, all that barkin’ to make the garage door go up and the cart move really makes a fellow hot and tired.

      You’ve got my sympathy in the heat department.

      Y’all hurry on back,
      Hawk aka BrownDog


  2. Did you get to go for a ride in that golf cart, Hawk? We also wonder if you were able to get that garage door to open with a magic bark or something. 🙂


  3. What exactly were you doing in there? Did you open the garage door yourself?! It’s been crazy hot here in our neck of the woods as well, with temps in the 80s even early in the mornings!


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