A Few bytes, lots of barks, Award time



Hi Y’all!




Those of you who followed me through the last week know this week has been a great improvement on last week.  My Human still has lots of stuff to “iron out” as she calls it. 





To make my week tops, Earl’s World sent me a Leibster Award to top off the first week of my new home!  




Because I’m writin’ this so late at night, I’m going to answer the questions and post to whom I’m passin’ the Award, on another day.  Stay tuned!

You’ve made my day, Earl!




Now I’ve got to get back to concentratin’ on makin’ this garage door open so this golf cart will take me for a drive! 




Y’all hurry on back now!

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6 thoughts on “A Few bytes, lots of barks, Award time

  1. Thanks for joining the Hop, Hawk, your blog is looking good. I bet once your human figures it out, it will take no time at all to post. Good luck with that garage door.


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