A Different Monday





Hi Y’all!






If y’all have been following my adventures this past week, you’ll know that my move to WordPress was prompted by a problem with the Editor we and many others used to publish our blogs on Blogger.  Frustrated, I mentioned my Human was threatening a move away from Blogspot. 





I want to thank y’all so much for the encouragement and assistance you’ve been givin’ me and my Human as she struggles on makin’ the technical decisions behind my blog.  My Human Papa and I “saw wood” late into the night while she struggles. 






At this point I’ve already done my part for the blog and there isn’t anything left to do but sleep.  My Human says while I sleep is when the “real” work of the blog goes on!  Really?  Without my input there wouldn’t be a blog!  Did she ever think of that? 












Y’all hurry on back!

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12 thoughts on “A Different Monday

  1. I love your new blog home. I’m still scared to move from Blogger, but I haven’t had trouble. What editor did you have trouble with? I hope everything keeps working on mine. Yikes!


  2. Howdy Hawk,

    So good to find y’all. Moving to a different format can be a right pain in the dog and the human’s butt. I wish you the best with WordPress. One thing I hate about it is the commenting section. When Penny goes to do a comment, her poor paws will struggle with this comment format.

    Have fun and your human knows you are the superstar of the show.

    Penny’s alleged human,

    Gary 🙂


  3. Welcome to your new home Hawk! I am visiting on mobile and it looks good. I will check it out on desktop later. Someday I will fisnjsh some of the technical stuffs I have been trying to find time to do in my blog but my boys just never sleep long enough!


  4. Well honestly do we ever really recognize the talent behind the blog. 😉 Glad the move seems to be a positive for you. And if you get into any trouble, remember we are all here to help!


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