A Week of Nightmare Bytes!



Hi Y’all!








After an entire nightmarish week here I am talkin’ to y’all from WordPress.  Hope y’all can find me.  My blog isn’t completely set up yet.  My Human just got the connections set.  I didn’t think she would survive, but she has so far. 





Stay tuned for changes!





Y’all come on back!


















15 thoughts on “A Week of Nightmare Bytes!

  1. Woohoo glad that you are back and the new home looks great!. I am most impressed that you did your move yourself! If you have any questions about wordpress, I am no expert but have been using it a long time so feel free to help. Thanks for linking up to the hop.


  2. I left some tips on comment settings and how to do the linky code in the comments on my post today…when you find time…lol. If you need more I will be around later today. You can also email me. Get that address on my blog.


  3. We’ve been running all over Blogville trying to get here! We came here, then went back to the old blog, then came back here but couldn’t comment, so we went BACK over to the old blog and saw you tell someone else how to leave a comment and WHEW! GOTCHA!!!!
    I’m exhausted. That doesn’t happen too often.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher


  4. We found you! Actually we came by yesterday but could not figure out how to leave a comment so it is a good thing you told us!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


  5. I remember you saying the blog was giving you problems. No joking if you had to up and move! I just moved my personal blog and may be moving Rascal and Rocco very soon as well, so right there with you on having to learn this wordpress thingy! You’re off to a great start!


  6. You’ve flown the coop and landed in WordyPressy Land…….let’s me know if this is a proper place for a proper doggy to live. Keep on chuggin’ along, Hawk!

    Sophie Doodle and Ron here!


  7. Hi ya Hawk, welcome to wordpress. Hope the move wasn’t too stressful for your human. I have tried both blogger and wordpress and can truthfully say I like WordPress better. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Thanks for joining the blog hop.


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