I May Not Be Zazzy but I’m Zappy!



Hi Y’all!




It’s time to answer your questions and join up with Thursday’s Barks and Bytes Blog Hop hosted by 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like a Dog.




I’m also linkin’ up with Ruckus the Eskie and Love is Being Owned by a Husky in Thoughtless Thursday.




Let’s take a look back at Long Days and Tall Shadows

Mark Muller and easy wanted to know…

“Have a super sunday…I bet if you can see your shadow we will get a super summer, right?
easy rider”




That’s what we’re all hopin’!

JoAnn Stancer from Sand Springs Chesapeakes wonders…

“Wow that is one big and weird shadow, wonder what it could be, a house of some sort?”



The shadow is the shed…




Movin’ on the Saturday’s post Ventana Window to My World… Mark Muller  wants to know…“that’s a great photo… have you seen tasty things that you licked your nose? Have a super saturday!!!
easy rider”




BOL!  Must have been thinkin’ about the treat I’d get when I took this bumper back to my Human.



I had the following query on U is for Undate… Janet Keefe  asked “Thanks for yet another great vocabulary lesson….that was a new one on me! Luke has fur that is undate in places as well. Is that how you use it? It doesn’t sound right. 🙂
Jan, Wag ‘n Woof Pets”



Undate means wavy or having a waved surface. In botany it is the same as undulate.  My coat is undate.  It’s wavy.



Now, I don’t want to keep y’all in suspense, since this is the end of the alphabet and tomorrow is May Day!  So…the title translates…I may not be flashy or stylish but I’m lively and entertaining.




Finally, Yesterday



Mark Muller  wanted to know…

“you had sun, right? I always wonder why the shadows of the trees look different than the trees itself…. that’s probably magic huh? ….. and now my momma sings that beatles song in my ear… sigh…
easy rider”




Mostly rain, but, yes, we had a peek of sun. 



Y’all hurry on back!
















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