W is for Wheeple




Hi Y’all!





Today I’m joining Alfie’s Blog, Snoopy’s Dog Blog and My Brown Newfies for the telling of mischief…



How many of y’all whistle to call your dog, or signal your dog to get his/her attention?


My Human carries a whistle when we’re hikin’ and I’m runnin’ off leash.  However, when we’re in the small yard in the high country she doesn’t bother.  No, she just wheeples.  It is the most feeble whistle you have ever heard!




Y’all come back now!














13 thoughts on “W is for Wheeple

  1. BOL Hawk. I cannot whistle. Mine comes out as a wheeple, too, or a lot worse!!! Luckily for my Earl and Ethel, I just call their names and they are at my side.



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