F is for Faye and Fergie


We are both so pleased to meet y’all!



I’m Faye. I’m just a youngster.



I’m Fergie!

We’re joining the Tuesday’s Tails blog hop is hosted by Dogs N Pawz and Talking Dogs.

We need some special forever homes…


“Hi my name is Faye. I’ve been in my foster home for a day now and already I’m starting to know that not everyone is mean to me. I love my foster sisters – we are learning to run and play in the big yard. And I really love snuggling with my foster mother on the couch. I never knew how much fun that could be. I even have my very own toy to play with. I’m still kinda shy and loud noises bother me, but already I’m starting to trust other dogs and humans. I’d love to be with a family who will love me and cuddle with me. I know it’s only been a day but I have made a lot of progress. Having another dog in the house to teach me the rules would be nice but also a really nice and understanding family without a dog would be cool too – ’cause I’d get all the loving.”

(above quote in Faye’s own words reported by Labrador Friends of the South)




I’m lookin’ for a special someone who just wants me.  I’ll be honest, I want all the attention; I don’t want to share with another pawed one. 

I’m about 9 years old, so none of the puppy stuff for me.  Don’t worry I still have plenty of “git up and go” to share with you.

You can meet us both at

Labrador Friends of the South Inc.

PO Box 933

Cumming, GA 30028

(All information and photos courtesy of Petfinder.com and Labrador Friends of the South, Inc)













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