Pleased to meet y’all…my name is Biscuit…


I might only have 3 legs, but I can charm yours off of you!  I’m 60 lbs and all boy.  I think I’m about 7 years old. 

I love all kinds of car trips, long ones or just running errands…I like my personal space, my crate.  If you like to take walks, I walk politely on a leash. 

I’m well behaved and get along with humans as well as dogs.   I like to stick really close to my humans.  I used to have my own special human, but I came here ‘cause he couldn’t care for me any longer.  Once more I’m searchin’ for that special loyal relationship. 

“All puppies and dogs at Saving Grace are crate trained, have been spayed/neutered, are up to date on their shots, are on heartworm preventative and have been microchipped. Each has been carefully screened for disposition and temperament in order to provide your home with a safe companion that will enjoy life as your new family member. If you are interested in meeting one of our dogs, please e-mail a completed Adoption Application to An Application is required before setting up an appointment to meet with a foster home and potential adoptee. The Adoption Application and Adoption Contract can be downloaded from the Petfinder Homepage or our new website at


(All information courtesy of, Saving Grace Rescue, and photo by Bruce J Murdoch Photography)










10 thoughts on “Biscuit

  1. Aw I hope he finds his new forever home soon; it's heartbreaking for human and dog alike when owners aren't able to care for them anymore. He definitely deserves another special person in his life, hoping he finds his new forever home soon.


  2. That is awesome that Biscuit was adopted! He so deserves a new home! The last two weeks your dogs have been adopted before I had a chance to comment! Maybe I should keep commenting on Sunday! Have a great Easter!


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