Barkin’ Back…





Hi Y’all!





Time once more for some barks, no bytes, hosted by 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like a Dog and Thoughtless Thursday hosted by Ruckus the Eskie and Love is Being Owned by a Husky.



Lookin’ back at last Fridays Stayin’ Fit on a Trip


Mark Muller laughs…

“hahaha you visited a dog park and then no dog was there? oh boy …. I like to play with small pups too, my mom always fears i could swallow one of my little friends :o)
easy rider”




Yep, sigh…but most of the time there were dogs with which to play.  Smile

Then LetterstoAndrew remarked…

“UGH, I hate seeing dogs in the back of pick ups. What is wrong with people?” and


2browndawgs also noted…

“The dog park looks fun. Was the lab riding in the back of an open pickup?”




He was not properly fastened, but was only going a few blocks to her house on streets with residential speed limits.  Guess her peep trusted her not to try anything.  She was standing there watching her little playmate as the truck pulled away. 




Moving on to Monday’s post…

“Off to Find Blackbeard”




Janet Keefe   

“It looks like you got to visit some very interesting places, Hawk! I want to know what the nest was for on top of that pole?
Jan, Wag ‘n Woof Pets”





That is an osprey nest.  They are a common sight on channel markers around the east coast bays and inlets where osprey nest. 


Finally, about Trip Tales

MyDog Likes suggested…

“Huckleberry trail seems awesome! Lets go for a hike together, ok?”







I saw lots of other dogs out there with their peeps…were you here too?  It sure would be fun to have a buddy to go hiking alongside. 
























Tomorrow I’ll introduce y’all to some of my other new acquaintances! 




Y’all come on back!











15 thoughts on “Barkin’ Back…

  1. Hey Hawk, thanks for joining the blog hop and answering my question. I've been thinking a lot about moving to somewhere warmer (you would too, LOL) but I have a hard time understanding the mentality of how some areas of the country treat their pets. Unsecured in the back of a pick up truck is not safe for an animal or person, not matter how far the vehicle is going.


  2. Thanks for the great round-up. I hate to see dogs or people in the back of open pick-up trucks. It just isn't safe. I am OK with a secured crate for a dog. We have moved them on occasion that way ourselves. Thanks for joining the hop this week.


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