On a Great Adventure!


Hi Y’all!




Don’t know when my Human will be able to get connected to the Internet, but when she does she’ll post this.




I went back to the vet and weighed in at a trim 94 lbs.!  Look at my “tuck” in the photo below! 

Bragging?  Me???





I am going to have to see an ophthalmologist about my eye.  Yep the eye that several vets have said wasn’t bothering me…guess it pays to have more than one vet!



But in the meantime I’m havin’ a great adventure.  Unfortunately my Human has failed to get the camera out of the trunk!  (Maybe I should have saved that for Monday Mischief).



Y’all check back now!











12 thoughts on “On a Great Adventure!

  1. Eyes are nothing to mess with Hawk, it's good your human is staying on top of this and seeking other opinions. Sending warm thoughts the docs can fix you up quick.

    Thank you for joining the blog hop.


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