Wow! Y’all Can Really Bark!



Hi Y’all!



Let’s get straight to the questions!  Y’all did lots of barkin’ this past week. 

First, Flashbacks to Fun from Friday post brought these questions:


Mark Muller and Easy asked…

“Oh now I learnt something, how great! Are that nubs chewable of is it better to ignore them?
Easy Rider”



Uh, I’ve never tried, but I don’t think I’d want to chew on them.  They are very hard.




“So, I gotta ask, how many of those bumpers do you have, or do you only have one that lasts forever??? Do you sleep with one too? It seems like you are always carrying one around.”



No, I only get to carry one outside of the house.  I have lots of bumpers.  My Human hides them or sometimes just makes piles of them for me to practice retrieving.  I get very excited when we do that!  It takes me a few minutes of wild racing about to settle down and pay attention!

Oz theTerrier  

“Cypress knees are pretty cool when they are in the marsh…then they get pretty big! I see you have been very busy, Hawk. Lots of romping and running outside. Is the weather still nice there?



Oh, the weather, even when cold is nice here compared to the mountains, and especially compared to the people in the north. 

Wednesday it was in the 70’s.  At 5pm it was still in the upper 60’s.  Yes, it was sunny.



Moving right along to Sepia Saturday…


How Sam Sees It    

“What kind of bird is that? He is pretty.
Monty and Harlow”


Mark Muller and Easy… 

“that guy has a dangerous beak…. bet he can make a hole in my fur… can he?
Easy Rider”

Shannon Adams  

“Ah, a day on the lake. That looks nice and relaxing. 🙂 What kind of bird is that?”



“Hi Hawkeye, you’re looking good! A bittern? I have heard of them, but never have seen one.”


It would appear to be a Bittern.  And I doubt it would stay around to get close enough to peck a hole in anyone’s fur.




Then we come to Sunday’s black and white post





Mark Muller and Easy…

“wow I first thought there ae two giant fishies what hang around…. Who’s that Captain Andrey? A pirate? Have a super sunday!
Easy Rider”

K9s OverCoffee  

“Were you pondering whether to hop on that boat or not?!”



And the answer is…

M. K. Clinton   

“That is an awesome photo! Are those shrimping boats??”

Yep, the shrimp boats are a comin’, nope the shrimp boats are in!  And Captain Andrey is just the name of the boat, not a pirate.  Sorry. 



In the ride to the dock post y’all had great answers and all were right in a way. 



Mark Muller and Easy…

“hmmmm… maybe that no one invited you for a ride on that fabulous ship?
Easy Rider”

Talent Hounds  

“Is it that you’re not on that boat?”

Janet Keefe  

“You’re not on the boat?
Jan, Wag ‘n Woof Pets”


“My guess as to what’s wrong is that you’re on the dock instead of on the boat?! Otherwise, I can’t really tell.”

Cathy Armato   

“Hmmm, what’s wrong w/ the pic? Either that you’re sitting on shore & you want to be on the water, or it’s that something weird is hanging from the boat’s boom (I think that’s what it’s called)
Love & Biscuits,
Cathy, Isis & Phoebe

Groovy Goldendoodles  

“No one offered you a ride Hawk? You should have made a run for it…”

Jackie Bouchard   

“Hmmm, I’m going to have to guess like the others that it’s that you’re not on the boat. If the weather is nice, do they go out on the boat without you? (If so… the nerve!)”


“I know brown dawgs would want to be swimming. :)”

K9s OverCoffee  

“Hm…maybe the lack of snow? I’d try & sneak up on that boat for a little cruise on the water!”


“You’re not in the water. That’s what’s wrong. And why don’t you get to adventure on sunny days?

Tenacious Little Terrier

Why can you not go with them on sunny days?


First, let me say, y’all had answers that went through my mind…swimming, boating…but the problem was…


My Human put my training collar on backwards. 

As for why I can’t go on trips when the sun is out here…if I’m going to have to wait in the car…it gets too hot.  Wednesday at 5pm it was 69 degrees.  Earlier it was in the 70’s. Not good for a hairy fellow like me to be waitin’ in the car. 





Frankie Furter and Ernie  

Hey Hawk, are you checking to see if…. SPRING is around that corner???


Mark Muller  

“at least you have no rain or cold wind… how cold is it in winter in your area? more than 0°C?
Easy Rider”



Temperatures here are moderate. Average temperature is in the 50’s Fahrenheit, 10 Celsius.  Since records have been kept last January had the coldest day on record at 13 degrees…1.1 Celsius.  The hottest was the 80’s, which was is 26.7 Celsius.  Temperatures usually run between a low in the 3o’s F and high in the 60’s F.  (1.1 to 16 C)


Don’t forget to join Thursday’s Barks and Bytes Blog Hop hosted by 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like a Dog, and Ruckus the Eskie and Love is Being Owned by a Husky in Thoughtless Thursday. 



Y’all come on back now!












18 thoughts on “Wow! Y’all Can Really Bark!

  1. Well, we are not a very observant bunch, are we? No one noticed your collar! I guess we were distracted by the water and the boat…..
    Your weather sounds wonderful there, except that you can't go on trips because it's too hot in the car.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


  2. Wow those sure were a lot of questions and great answers! We're freezing up here in the north, but we haven't had enough snow to make it worth the cold. We love snow and have only had little teasers so far!


  3. Great Q&A. And now I get it! 70s is much too hot to be waiting in the car! I didn't realize you were somewhere THAT warm! (It's been crazy warm like that here too, so Rita doesn't always get to ride along on errands, since it's too hot in the car.)


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