Flashbacks to Fun!


Hi Y’all,



Let me tell you, it is Fit Dog Friday and time to join Slim Doggy, Emma from MyGBGV Life and To Dog With Love in the blog hop!






I recently received an email asking bout the nubs you see sticking out of the water and along the path, and all the things that look like sticks on the beach.



You’ll see a bunch together on the path to the right and ahead of me on the path and a couple next to my left paws. 



These nubs are called knees and the sticks are roots.  They both belong to the cypress trees in the wetland part of the yard.  If you’re in areas where there is swamp the knees are usually sticking just above the water level and can be quite tall. 





Now let’s look back and join in FlashBack Fridays hosted by Five Sibes Mom and Love is being owned by a Husky.






And now for the Pet Parade Blog Hop hosted by Rascal and Rocco and co-hosted by Jan’s Funny Farm, Basil the Bionic Cat, Barking from the Bayou, and Love is being Owned by a Husky!



Y’all hurry on back now!












18 thoughts on “Flashbacks to Fun!

  1. So, I gotta ask, how many of those bumpers do you have, or do you only have one that lasts forever??? Do you sleep with one too? It seems like you are always carrying one around.


  2. Cypress knees are pretty cool when they are in the marsh…then they get pretty big! I see you have been very busy, Hawk. Lots of romping and running outside. Is the weather still nice there?


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