Wow! What a Week!


Hi Y’all!



What a lot of mischief! brought to you today by Alfie’s Blog, Snoopy’s Dog Blog, and My Brown Newfies.




Last Monday I said I’d continue to show you my Humans trip, which was only a bit over 50 miles one way. 

This was the snow we got here at our mountain home…



This was a view of the higher elevations from our house…

P1450975 - Copy

I’d gotten the 2 senior gals post set to go live just after midnight EST Tuesday morning.  I had Wordless Wednesday’s post ready to schedule…when disaster struck! 

P1460025 - Copy

I couldn’t log on to schedule my post.  My Human spent every spare minute for 2 days trying to find out why!?

Microsoft said it was Google and Google didn’t know what she was talkin’ about. 

P1460054 - Copy - Copy

So, instead of showing you the “climate change”, I couldn’t even sign into my own blog, post or anything.


It turns out that my Human was at fault.  None of the techs were able to tell her how to solve the problem…so…


What did you say?  of course it was her fault!

P1460085 - Copy


In the end she went back and searched Microsoft’s forum and found a reply from a person who had put a link to his blog post with the solution. 

P1460088 - Copy

Hooray!  Case solved! 

I’m BACK!!!









P1460098 - Copy


P1460099 - Copy


So now I’ve brought you down the other side of the mountain.  I’ve taken you from winter to autumn. 


Oh, what?  Did you say I had it backwards?  It’s supposed to autumn first than winter? 

P1460103 - Copy

But I just showed you!  It was winter and then the Humans landed in autumn!





In this next photo, if you look beyond the train, you’ll see a gap in the mountains.  That is where the Humans are heading…



So to see some remarkably beautiful scenery from the end of their journey, come on back for Wordless Wednesday!



Y’all come on back now!















17 thoughts on “Wow! What a Week!

  1. Winter to Autumn….that's just crazy! We wouldn't believe it if we hadn't seen the photographic proof. Beautiful photos.
    Ugh, technical problems are the worst. So glad your human got it figured out but I bet she pulled out a lot of hair in the process!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


  2. Oh, I hate having technical problems with the blog! Glad you got it worked out eventually! The pictures are beautiful! It would be nice if winter only lasted that long and then it was back to fall! Fall is my favorite season!


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