Monster Mischief!


Hi Y’all!


No mischief from me this time…This mischief maybe fits into the “bytes” of Thursday’s “Barks and Bytes hop”.  However, it was BIG mischief!


Welcome to Monday Mischief.  This Blog Hop is brought to you by Alfie’s Blog, Snoopy’s Dog Blog, and My Brown Newfies.


So…the mischief…Saturday morning my Human got me up really early…before the time I usually awaken her…We snuggled up with the computer and started hoppin’ through your blog posts!  Happiness!


My Human was typin’ my comments in for me.  Things were going great.  Then she finishes a comment and hits “post”.

Nothing happens.

Clicks post again.

Nothing happens.


My Human looks over at the modem…the Internet light is red.


So my Human went through all the steps to get the modem reset.



So my Human picks up the phone to report the problem.

Fast busy.

By now my Human Papa is up and he tries to telephone his brother to see if his Internet works.

Fast busy.


Fortunately my Human had a fully charged cell phone.  You know how they keep you on “hold” listening to scratchy music…


Well…it’s the weekend.  We were told it would be repaired by Tuesday.  It was early Saturday morning! Tuesday!


Well, as you can see…we’re BACK! 

Hope y’all had a great weekend!

Now, Human Mama, what’s in the box?!



Y’all come on back now!









13 thoughts on “Monster Mischief!

  1. Glad Mr. Internet is back at your crib. We had a disconnection with the world on friday, butt the culprit was my freaky momma who removed “accidentally” the plug and had no clue in which socket she had to put it later. So the first thing my dad had to do as he came back was to make a connection to the world…. and he said it is definitely NOT necessary to “wash” the internet box :o)


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