Real Life Mean Mischief


Hi Y’all!



I promised to share my mean prank I played on my Human with y’all…so let’s join Alfie’s Blog, Snoopy’s Dog Blog and My Brown Newfies to tell about our good fun and mischief…



The other evening my Humans came home and my Human Mama had one of her bad headaches and went to bed with an ice pack. 




Come morning I went to wake her as usual.  I picked her shoe up and kept pushing it against her.  She wasn’t budging. 


Anyway, my Human Papa got up instead and called me to follow.  He sent me outside to the small fenced yard to relieve myself.  I was still carrying the shoe, but he didn’t notice. 


When my Human arose, she slipped into one shoe and proceeded to search for the other before calling me, her faithful retriever to find it for her.




I raced into the great room and barked while racing to the door.  Whereupon, my Papa opened the door and Mama said, “where’s my shoe? Find my shoe!” 



I raced down into the yard and grabbed the shoe, raced around the yard until my Human commanded me to “bring”. 



But I wasn’t quite finished with my fun!  I raced past her! and into the house where I circled the rooms at full tilt, shoe in mouth. 


Finally I took pity on my poor Human, standing there shivering in her nighty and one shoe.  I stopped, sat and presented the shoe. 


I did get a “thank you”.

Y’all come back now!














15 thoughts on “Real Life Mean Mischief

  1. Bailie does that with slippers. Mom really enjoys the wet slobbery feeling after getting it back, did your mom like that too? Nice of you to steal, and then get praised for returning!


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