Jersey? Jersey!!! Not the State!




Hello Folks!



I’m a girl! 

I’m gentle.

I’m loving.

I’m well behaved.

I get along well with other animals.

I’m spayed.

I get along with children and grown-ups.

My name is Jersey!


My family felt I deserved a home where I could spend less time in my kennel and more time with my family.  Wasn’t that thoughtful of them? 

I’m 4 years old so I’m past the “chewing” and other annoying puppy habits.  I’m house trained, so no worries for you there. 


Even though my people wanted only the best for me, it is still difficult being without them.  I’m hoping one of you will see me and know I’m the perfect addition to your family.  That’s why I’m joining the Tuesday’s Tails blog hop is hosted by Dogs N Pawz and Talking Dogs. This is the blog hop that features shelter pets.

Click here to visit my Petfinder page.


Jersey is located in Iowa.

Welcome to
People For Pets

2312 Highway Blvd
Spencer, Iowa 51301
(712) 580-2738

Email Donna for an adoption application at to welcome Jersey into your heart and home.
Her adoption fee is $175 and she goes home fully vetted and spayed.


(all information and photos are courtesy of and People for Pets)







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