A Few Details About My World


Hi Y’all!




Today I’m joining Thursday’s Barks and Bytes Blog Hop hosted by 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like a Dog.

I’m also linkin’ up with Ruskus the Eskie in Thoughtless Thursday.


Now, to wrap up the week.

About last Friday’s post Parade Your Fitness.

Peggy Frezon said…

“Do you usually find it, or do you end up thinking about all those distractions? I bet you find it!”



I always find it!



Remember the post, Duck Duck Goose post? 

JoAnn Stancer said…

“what a clever post and great pictures. Lovely family of geese. Do you ever chase them? My gang would chase them all the time.”




Since we live in a Wildlife Preserve area and breeding ground I’m not allowed to chase.  I try once in awhile, but my Human quickly puts a halt to that, usually before I even start…sometimes she’s a mind reader. 

About Monday’s post It Ran Away

M. K. Clinton said…

“Surely they didn’t doubt you Hawkeye! I mean, they didn’t name you that for nothing! Haha! Do you eat the pears??”

Stacey van horn said…

“Glad you got your ball back! I’m sure your humans did not doubt you, they were just uncertain where it was. Looks like you are hiding behind that tree. Are you checking those pears out or eating them?”





I was just checking them…when they’re ripe I try to steal them and eat them the second I think my Human isn’t looking! 

Finally, about yesterday’s post

Amy Boyer said…

“What a wonderful world you live in Hawk. Baby geese are so sweet. Or is that a duck? We saw 3 baby ducks with their mama on our walk yesterday. Toby wanted to chase them, I wanted to cuddle them, but we both left them be of course”



Right the first time!  It’s a goosling.



easyweimaraner said…

“I love your colorful world! Are that hibiscus flowers? They are huge, wow! Have a super wednesday!”




Depending on the plant, hibiscus blooms are large or very large. 


This has been a very busy week for my Humans and myself.  Hope y’all had a great week. 

Y’all hurry back now!








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