Mischief! It Ran Away!


Hi Y’all!




Today I’m joining Alfie’s Blog, Luna Dogs Life and My Brown Newfies.for some good fun and mischief…






My ball ran away.  It’s down there…What do you mean you can’t see it!  It’s there I’m tellin’ you!




So my Human went around to the other side of the boat inlet and took these blurry photos.



And sure enough, there it was hiding under a root against the bank.



And so my Human Papa had my Human Mama fetch a rake and he rescued my runaway ball!!!  I bet it won’t try that again!

Now I need to get back to checking these pears for ripeness…



Y’all come back now!








9 thoughts on “Mischief! It Ran Away!

  1. Glad you got your ball back! I'm sure your humans did not doubt you, they were just uncertain where it was. Looks like you are hiding behind that tree. Are you checking those pears out or eating them?


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