Cold Front!



Hi Y’all!




I’m joining Slim Doggy, Peggy’s Pet Place and To Dog With Love in Fit Dog Friday blog hop!


Today I’m BOL!!!




I was racing through the trails and my Human focused on the downed tree that I’d have to jump, but she messed up the zoom and focus and this is all she got!!!  BOL!!! 




When a fellow is worn out from racing in the woods, especially now that summer is creeping across the country, water is important. 


My Human carries bottled water for me on our walks but I’m still ready for a good drink when we reach the car.



 In the photo above you can just barely see my water dish in the shade of the car. 



If you walk on a leash, or go with your person on a safe off leash walk, you can wear a back pack and carry your own water and even a collapsible bowl. 



Y’all come back now!










18 thoughts on “Cold Front!

  1. If it ever gets warm out we will be thirsty for sure, but it is still pretty chilly here…in the 50's. We drank lots of water last week when we were in Vegas.


  2. You are so right, Hawk, staying hydrated is very important. I have some water bottles that I can drink out of, with a special cap that the dogs can also drink out of.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets
    PS….I've taken a lot of photos like that first one! 🙂


  3. I usually take a couple of photos like that first one on all our walks. We usually carry some sort of soft sided bowl when we go out for long walks, but usually things are wet enough around here that the streams are always flowing.


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