Xerophthalmia and Other Mischief!


Hi Y’all!




These next few days wrap up our fun with the A to Z Challenge for 2014!  It’s also Mischief Monday!  And there was mischief in my world last week!



I know y’all want to know what xerophthalmia means.  I actually told you all about on Friday’s post…It means dryness and soreness of the eyes.


The fellow in the picture below is a thief!









This is the third egg we know they have stolen. 




But there was more mischief! 

Sometimes in the evening, after nightfall, when my Human and I would go for our last walk we’d hear a loud splash.  My Human would describe it as if someone had thrown a body into the water.  Alligators are usually quiet and simply sink below the surface, so she felt sure it wasn’t a gator.


See the brush pile to the right of the photo above?  Most of it is clean up from the ice storm.  We haven’t been able to burn because the water has stayed high.  When we’d walk by there branches would be scattered on the path.



Everyday my Humans would pile them back on the pile and the following day there were more down in the path.  After a couple of days of no wind my Human was wondering why the branches kept falling off the pile. 


In the above photo notice a pile if sticks and branches to the left.  My Human was beginning to think she was going crazy.  The pile seemed to keep growing every day.



Above is another view of the growing pile.  You can see how the water is cutting into the bank in front of the retaining wall. 










Y’all come back now!









14 thoughts on “Xerophthalmia and Other Mischief!

  1. When my husband lived on the lake, their alligators at the back of the property. When we took the boat out, they would hit the water and sound just like a human doing a belly buster. Be very careful.


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