Virid–My World is Green



Hi Y’all!




Here at the shore I have a beautiful green (virid) world.  Usually a fun place to swim and play. 



However, there was another “v” in my life.  One that has ruined my life!  Anyone want to rescue me?  Anyone? 


You guessed it!  The VET!!!  (veterinarian). 


No, that photo is not the vet or even my Human Papa.  The photo is of a fisherman up in our canal by the boat dock.  I’m busy checkin’ him out; part of my job, you know. 



As my followers know, my Human is very quick to rush me to the vet when she doesn’t think I’m feelin’ quite like myself. 




My eyes were still botherin’ me, so we returned to the vet.  The vet assured my Humans that the small mole or growth wasn’t what was botherin’ me.


It was awful!  They stuck a little paper in my eye and held it closed for an eternity…an entire minute!  Then they repeated the test on the other eye. 


Of course there was the requisite thermometer and check and cleaning of my butt. 



But I haven’t gotten to the worst part!  Despite my allergy shots my belly was breaking out again.  But that isn’t all…there is the perpetual scale! 


I was so rambunctious when I got on the scale, even though the reading stopped at 99, the tech read the highest reading of 103.  My Human Papa didn’t think that was correct because I was sitting at 99 and moving at the higher weight.  I’ve weighed in between 99 and 100 since I was 24 months, no matter how much exercise I get. 


I was already on a diet and my rations had been cut, but the vet changed my food and cut my ration even more! 



But that isn’t the worst of it!  Because of my rash I’m not allowed in the water!  NO SWIMMING!!!  It’s bad enough when the alligators start hangin’ around, but now!  Just when the water is deep enough I could actually do dock diving! 



So folks, my eyes aren’t making enough tears.  I get salve 4 times a day in my eyes, plus extra allergy pills and all my fruit and stuff has been cut off.  I get part of my dog food ration as a training treats and NOTHING extra!!! 


I didn’t think that my Humans would really take what the vet said seriously, but they are sticking to everything like my life depends upon it! 

Don’t you think this is unfair and just downright MEAN!!!? I’m a retriever!  Water is part of a retriever’s life!!!


Don’t y’all think they are mistreating me?  Do you think I should appeal to a rescue for help? 



Y’all hurry back now!













14 thoughts on “Virid–My World is Green

  1. Oh no Hawk!!! Yikes the vet, the eye test etc, the weight issue and new food and lastly no water. What a bummer. We hope all will be well soon. Sending healing vibes and POTP. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly


  2. Oh Hawk, I feel for you buddy. THe same thing happened to me when I first came to live here. I weighed 105lbs, but I should really only weigh 80lbs, so they put me on a strict diet and exercise routine. Even though I hated it, in the end I felt a LOT better and I know I will live longer. So sometimes, we dogs just have to suck it up in order for our humans to have us around longer…they love us so much, you know.


  3. Hawk, what the dog is going on over there? I do not believe the scale said 103…that is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is that you are now having your foods super rationed! You could starve…don't they realize this? And no swimming for a retriever? What will they think of next? (Though I can appreciate that it's probably not good for your allergy rash, of which I am sporting one of my own. This allergy season stinks!)


  4. Oh, Hawk, I feel so bad for you! But your humans are doing what is best, and once you get feeling better and are healthier you can go back to some of those things. Hang in there, it will get better. You can still run and play and enjoy your beautiful world!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


  5. Poor Hawk! As much as I feel for you, I know that your mom and dad are doing what's best for you. I am sure that its very had on them too to not let you go swimming and give you extra treats, but is because they love you and want to have you with them healthy as long as possible. Love Dolly


  6. oh Hawk, your humans love you so much. They take very good care of you. I hope your eyes start producing tears. I love all the photos. Hope the rash clears up fast so you can get back to water activities.


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