Hi Y’all!



There was more than a little mischief in my life last week, let me tell you!



Tuesday morning the Humans were up and ready to leave before dawn had caressed the horizon.  It was 68 Fahrenheit before sunrise. 





The farther west we headed the lower the temperature fell.  The foliage was in earlier stages.  Redbuds, daffodils and forsythias were blooming instead of azaleas and wisteria.



As we climbed higher and higher the flowers became fewer and the leaves almost invisible.  Then the rain started. 







Finally we arrived and the rain changed to snow.  My Humans weren’t wearing coats, so they were happy to get in the house.





The next few days were cold but beautiful.  I was relaxing and enjoying life while my Humans were busy traveling to meetings. 



I overheard the Humans discussing taking me back to the vet for a follow up…hmmm…



So Friday morning we all got into the car and headed off.  The Humans had a business meeting first, so I had to wait in the car.  P1340740



This vet thing is always “a pain in the butt”.  I was left there, in the car to wait, and to agonize over the upcoming visit.




And there, my friends, is the answer to the meaning of “rectalgia”. That is the A to Z Challenge word for the letter “r”, “a pain in the butt”.

But to find out what the vet said to me you’ll have to come back Friday.





Y’all hurry back now!









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