Hi Y’all!



Today’s a to z challenge word, pabulous, is an important one for both you and your human.   It means “of, like or pertaining to nourishment”.   Most of y’all are already keenly aware of Slim Doggy’s research into nourishment and the foods we eat.  If you aren’t, hop on over and visit our host.  






If you are going to exercise and maintain a healthy weight and handsome coat proper nourishment is important.  It’s especially important for us senior fellows and the young pups out there.





Y’all hurry back now! 








14 thoughts on “Pabulous

  1. Are you playing with a soccer ball? My sister Katie loves soccer balls. We love to stay fit and we eat a healthy diet…plenty of snacks too, but they are the healthy kind most of the time. Happy Friday!


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